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FSN Medical Technologies is the name of medical video management products from Foreseeson Custom Displays. FSN is a pioneer and world leader in medical video signal management, distribution and display. From concept, design, prototype, certification and production, to interface design, all FSN products are characterized by their seamless ...

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The wide selection of video connections on the back of this surgical monitor allow for medical imaging source compatibility, new or old. LEARN MORE. FS-P2603D 26″ HD Medical Grade Monitor. FS-P2603D, FSN's 26" diagonal monitor, has I/O options including DVI-D (2), 3G-SDI (2), SOG (2), VGA, C-Video, S-Video, and Component Video.

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The medical monitor FM-B2702D series are designed to show the finest details during minimally invasive procedures such as endoscopy or laparoscopy. This monitor will accept multiple video signals, and has layout options for PIP and PBP. When two images are displayed, they can be swapped, re-sized, or moved to a different section of the screen. […]

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 surgical monitors - 4k archives - fsn
FS-P3102D, FS-P3102DS, FS-P3102DG 31.5″ 4K Medical Grade Monitor. 4K surgical display monitors that allow clinicians to view intricate hand movements on-screen, and control medical visual content with pinpoint accuracy. These 31.5 inch diagonal monitors can fine-tune surgical color and layout settings to individual preferences.

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Surgical Monitors - 4K. FM-E3203D, FM-E3203DG 4K UHD Medical Grade Monitor. These 32 inch diagonal medical monitors from FSN Medial are designed with maximum viewing angles, allowing several clinicians to view the display in the same room without loss of image quality or distortion. The input source options include DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

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Home / Prodotti / Sistemi medicali / Display Monitor Medicali / FSN Medical Imaging – Foreseeson. FSN Medical Imaging – Foreseeson admin_noris 2018-11-08T09:00:24+00:00. Le sale operatorie moderne devono essere attrezzate al fine di poter disporre di immagini cristalline per consentire rapide decisioni prima e durante l’atto chirurgico.

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FSN is a pioneer and world leader in medical video signal management, distribution and display. From concept, design, prototype ... and supports high resolution display monitor systems for the medical diagnosis and review market, and the industrial/security market, including maritime and air traffic control. Visit FSN MED. available from.

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