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 fsn medical technologies video integration product solutions pioneer ...
FSN is a pioneer and world leader in medical video signal management, distribution and display. From concept, design, prototype, certification and production, to interface design, all FSN products are characterized by their seamless usability, compact modularity and robust design. READ MORE 27 - 32 inch 4K Medical Displays

 fs-l2702d 27" hd medical grade monitor - fsn
This medical monitor builds upon FSN Medical’s long history of advanced medical-grade monitors. The screen size is large enough for viewing side-by-side images simultaneously, yet small enough to mount on a moveable arm or boom if required. The unique exterior of FS-L2702D medical LCD is comprised of a slim and sleek housing design.

 surgical monitors - fhd archives - fsn
FS-L3202D 32″ HD Medical Grade Monitor FSN’s 32” LCD display features expanded I/O options, including dual DVI and SDI, plus DC out power for smaller components. FS-L3202D is ideal for showing big images, yet is still within the size range recommended by most OR boom arm systems. LEARN MORE

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 fm-e3203d, fm-e3203dg 4k uhd medical grade monitor - fsn
Surgical Monitors - 4K FM-E3203D, FM-E3203DG 4K UHD Medical Grade Monitor These 32 inch diagonal medical monitors from FSN Medial are designed with maximum viewing angles, allowing several clinicians to view the display in the same room without loss of image quality or distortion. The input source options include DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

 fm-b2702d, fm-b2702dg 27" 4k uhd medical grade monitor - fsn
FSN medical monitors are designed for fast detection of incoming signals thanks to robust mode tables. Unique design features include flush-front glass (ingress protection 33 rating) and touch menu control for easy cleaning and disinfection. There are no recessed areas on the front screen, thus eliminating collection points for unwanted material.

 fsn medical technologies
FSN Medical Technologies Medical monitor—HD With pre-filter technology, it can provide higher brightness, higher contrast and reduced glare. The front glass controlled by the touch interface is easy to clean, and it is more convenient to operate and turn around. The front filter technology can provide higher brightness and higher contrast.

 sistemi video medicali: catalogo modelli fsn su noris
FSN Medical Imaging (Foreseeson Custom Display) produce display medicali di elevata qualità con le seguenti diagonali: Linea HD/Full HD: 19 – 24 – 26 – 26 3D – 27 con/senza Touchscreen – 32 – 46 con Touchscreen – 55 pollici Linea 4k Ultra HD: 27 – 32 – 55 – 58 pollici

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